Simona Dragomir

Nature in the Balance group show in 2013

Simona Dragomir is an American artist born in 1985 in Romania. In 2009, after obtaining her Master of Industrial Engineering from Gh. Asachi University, she moved to the United States where she fully expected to pursue a career in the realm of science. Her life took an interesting turn at age 26, when she discovered her artistic side and decided to begin her journey of learning and creating art, expressing her vision via the use of surrealist motifs.

Simona currently lives and works in Washington State, where she is constantly expanding her portfolio with increasingly complex paintings which merge nature, history and human behavior. Her work on the effects of global warming was exhibited at Whatcom Museum’s Nature in the Balance group show in 2013.


New York 2014


Simona’s most recent public showcase took place at ArtExpo New York in April, 2014. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America.


SimonaDArtist Studio

SimonaDArtist Studio


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