Artist statement

Watercolor painting

“Delicate like a flower” 3″x3″ round- watercolor painting 2016

Painting is a relief mechanism for the pressures that build inside me with the passage of time. It allows me to escape reality and to transform the world around me into snapshots designed to stimulate the human mind towards new avenues of interpretation.

Self-portrait Simona Dragomir

“Self portrait” 12″x12″- Oil on canvas panel 2013

Ever since I can remember, I have been intrigued by life. It began at a very young age with plants and animals but soon progressed into a desire to understand all of its aspects. The part that fascinates me the most is the interdependent system which represents the foundation of life: organisms live by interacting with each other in a world mostly invisible to the naked eye.

My work is driven by the beauty of life and is centered on showing it in two primary forms: people and animals. I paint living characters which are easy to identify while simultaneously hinting at meaning beyond the superficial.


“Evolution” 12″x30″- Oil on canvas 2014

My primary mediums of expression are oil, acrylic or watercolor on canvas, linen or paper. My color choices correlate with my emotional state of mind and are designed to highlight the underlying theme of individual paintings: warm, dark, inviting, dramatic or an appropriate combination.


“Introspection” 10″x14″- Oil on linen 2015


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